Premium Tygkollektion

SOFTA HOME erbjuder en bred kollektion med tyger av högsta kvalite - tygerna håller högsta standard och ska bibehålla sitt fantastiska skick i flertals år. Vi kallar dem funktionella tyger IN HOUSE - på grund av dess fuktavstötande och skyddande funktioner.

Alla tyger som vi presenterar nedanför går att få till alla våra modeller. Om de inte finns att välja på produktsidan så kan ni alltid skräddarsy en order i önskat tyg genom att ringa vår kundservice - eller chatta oss med knappen i nedre högra hörnet.



1. Florina

2. Lisboa

Corduroy is the kind of trend that gracefully toes the line between timely and timeless — it always feels special and it’s perennially in style. A timeless trend well-worth the investment.



  1. Classic Velvet
  2. Velvet Lux
  3. Solo
  4. Adore
  5. Seven

Soft, durable and pleasing on the eye. Velvet adds an inviting look to the furniture. The fabric will bring a glow and sense of sophistication and is the perfect choice for a modern, classy atmosphere in your home.



  1. Taffie
  2. Marzena
  3. Alis
  4. Renegade

Bring structure into your home! The fabric is formed by two thread groups crossing at right angles to each other. Chenille yarns are woven into the fabric which makes it naturally soft and voluminous, giving the fabric a firm and cozy feel.



  1. Lido
  2. Corsica
  3. West
  4. Casa
  5. Elena
  6. Board

Extremely textured and comfortable fabrics. A great choice for lovers of Scandinavian interiors who appreciate natural materials with simplicity and functionality. A sofa dressed in Scandinavian style fabric will create coziness and peace at home.



  1. Texas
  2. Touareg
  3. Alabama
  4. Boston

Microfiber is made from synthetic materials, typically a polyester – nylon blend. The fabric is durable and usually water-resistant, which makes it ideal for a sofa that will be used often.

Naturligt Läder.


  1. Granada
  2. Vintage

Natural leather has specifically been developed for furniture upholstery. Our beautiful cow leather originates from South Africa. The leather is tanned with chromium and vegetable ingredients, dyed in a barrel and corrected afterwards. The distinct look is achieved by finishing the leather with paraffin, oil and aniline dye.

Korrigerat Läder.


  1. Dolaro

Corrected leather is made from the top of the hide which is carefully sanded to remove imperfections, dyed and embossed with an artificial grain to achieve the classic leather aesthetic and uniform look. Corrected leather requires less maintenance and has better resistance to scratches and spills. It is a perfect choice for public areas and households where the sofa is subjected to heavy use.

Eco Läder.


  1. Eco Skinn

After the leather is treated with aniline, it is covered with a thin surface layer that adds a greater variety of texture and keeps the natural softness. The color of the leather will remain more consistent over time, as well as more resistant to scratching, moisture and stains – this becoming a perfect choice for commercial areas and households with children and pets. However, it should be noted that semi-aniline leather must be kept out of direct sunlight.